September 29, 2013


we love to picnic in every season. the crisp air and scattered leaves made for a lovely day in the mountains. the recipes for the wild mushroom walnut paté, ginger root beer and cranberry chutney can be found in our autumn ebook, coming soon!

this book will celebrate all things autumn. as the temperature drops we seek the cozy. warming our spirits with hearty pots of soup, spiced drinks and campfire cookin'. Autumn harvest is the time to prepare for the long winter ahead. We'll share our favorite pantry stocking recipes, sure to have you feeling the autumnal vibes.

September 27, 2013


This lovely recipe is up on Sycamore Street Press blg today. With ingredients like homemade barbecue sauce, summer squash and utah corn, it's a clear winner. And a good way to celebrate summer's end, with one last camping trip or backyard bbq. Find the recipe here. Summer's bounty has been good to us but we have a lot in store this Autumn so stay tuned for an exciting announcement.

September 20, 2013


Utah is known for both honey and peaches. We picked our peaches up at Liberty Heights Fresh, just down the road from our humble abode. We love this local emphasized market, Utah peaches and Utah honey. This simple shake, highlights all three. 

makes 1

you'll need..

2 ripe peaches, sliced and frozen
1/2 banana, frozen
1/4 cup almonds, soaked
1 big tablespoon raw local honey
1 cup filtered water 
pinch of Utah Real Salt
to do..

Soak almonds overnight in plenty of water, drain and rinse in the morning.
This shake is like making homemade almond milk.
Not straining the almond pulp, adds extra fiber and texture.

To make shake, combine ingredients in high-speed blender, 

and blend until creamy and smooth. 
Serve in chilled glass.

September 19, 2013


On a whim, we journeyed south on a hippy pilgrimage. After driving through a summer rainstorm and a few old towns, we found ourselves indulging in a midnight hot spring soak. Arriving at night on a full moon's eve, added to the mystique. 

We had the tubs to ourselves and the strikes of lightning illuminated our foreign surroundings. The natural thing to follow a midnight soak, was a sunrise soak as well. During the summer these are the coolest times to enjoy the hot bathes and they are open 24 hours!

The owner is a bit of a collector and you can explore the nooks of the property for ages. Mystic Hot Springs is s true diamond in the ruff. 

September 18, 2013


We LOVE toast, the crunchy sourdough with melted garlic, fresh tomato and basil is an ideal summer snack. Make this dish in the peak of tomato season and you'll be hooked.

makes 5-6 full size toasts

you'll need..

good sourdough bread (we use local Crumb Brothers sourdough)
2 medium heirloom tomatoes
small bundle of basil
flaky sea salt
cracked pepper
2-3 garlic cloves, for rubbing on toast
extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling on toast

to do..

Slice and toast sourdough bread on a dry cast iron grill pan.
Grill both sides and remove from pan. While hot, rub with a garlic clove. The
garlic will melt into the toast. Drizzle with olive oil and season with sea salt and cracked pepper.

Add slices of local ripe tomatoes and a few basil leaves.

Finish with flaky salt, cracked pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

September 17, 2013


On a hikeabout in Big Cottonwood Canyon, we ventured to Donut Falls. We hiked it and liked it. We're looking forward to heading back when the leaves change, and begin to carpet the canyon floor. This is an easy short hike to the falls, but can be a bit tricky to climb up once you get there.

Make sure to vear left 1/2 way up the mound of rocks, to find the cave opening. If you want to explore the cave wear your water shoes! The best part of hiking is the snacks, we bought the following goodies at Trader Joe's; a couple peaches, kale chips, freeze dried raspberries and trail mix.

Take the I-215, exit 6200 S. Follow signs to Big Cottonwood Canyon. Heading up Big Cottonwood Canyon Rd. make a right onto Jordan Pines Rd. Head straight, continuing onto a dirt road, for about a mile. The trailhead is there, with plenty of parking and a loo. There are no dogs allowed in this canyon, because it is a watershed.

S T A Y  G O L D E N

September 16, 2013


This salad has summer written all over it. The grilled watermelon adds a subtle heartiness and the combination of seasonal tomatoes and watermelon is unreal. It's simple and impressive, a good last minute dish for an end of summer picnic.

makes 4

you'll need..

1 pint heirloom cherry tomatoes
1 small watermelon
small bundle of basil
1 large handful hazelnuts, toasted
drizzle balsamic vinegar
drizzle extra virgin olive oil
maldon flaky sea salt
cracked pepper

to do..

In a dry skillet toast hazelnuts for a few minutes, until fragrant. When cool, rub between hands to remove most of the papery skins.

Cut cherry tomatoes in half and roughly tear basil. Add to a bowl then drizzle with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper.

Cut 1-2 inch thick slices of watermelon, then quarter each round. Grill in a dry skillet, a minute or two on each side.

On a plate add a couple slices of watermelon, top with tomato basil salad and hazelnuts.

August 23, 2013

Diamond Fork Hot Springs

We've been discovering a bit of magic and healing in natures, natural hot baths. We've noticed a difference in our skin, hair, and overall sense of being as we've soaked in the rich mineral content, the therapeutic heat, and surrounding nature.

We're not the only ones who think there is something powerful going on at these hot springs. Balneology is the branch of medical science concerned with the therapeutic value of baths, especially those taken with natural mineral waters. This branch of medicine has been commonly practiced in parts of Japan and Europe for ages. 

The Ute Indians were the first to unearth the healing benefits of the mineral rich waters found in the natural occurring hot springs in the Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico territory.  They called the waters, Tampah, meaning 'big medicine'.

As we soaked in the hot springs, we dreamed of living in an earlier time, when more likely we would have discovered these mystic waters. We both claimed we would've set up shelter near by and enjoyed these waters most days. We wondered if anyone who came before us did just that, for a period of time.

there are a handful of pools with varying temperatures
the three forks trail weaves alongside diamond fork river and fifth water creek 

take exit 258 off the I-15 south, towards highway US-6 (toward Price/Manti), Spanish Fork Canyon. Drive around 11 miles, to mile marker 184.1, take a right here, at the turn off to Diamond Fork Canyon. You'll drive about another 10 miles and come across three forks trail head.  You can't see the sign until you've about past it, so whenever you come across a small parking lot take a look back, and check your not passing three forks trailhead. Theres room to park and a pit loo. Its about a 2.5 mile hike in and 2.5 mile hike back. The trail is pretty straight forward, walk straight past the first bridge with the metal gate. Don't take the trail through the gate, and you'll be on your way. Bring plenty of water, the hike and the heat from the hot springs will dehydrate you. Wear shoes with good traction, and no hike is complete with out some trail snacks.

June 24, 2013


This substantial summer salad is the perfect way to use day old bread and highlight the summer’s juicy tomatoes. The simple herb pesto is a lovely staple to have on hand to spread on sandwiches, add to a summery garden soup or to an elegant pasta. Check out the recipe on Sycamore Street Press today.

June 1, 2013


we want to share some of our most popular recipes from vending with the ramblin' rose cafe last summer. first on the list, dessert! peaches can be substituted for any soft seasonal fruit.

Raw Peach Crumble

you'll need...

8-10 seasonal peaches
2 parts nuts (almonds & walnuts)
1 part soft pitted medjool dates
pinch of real salt 
dash of cinnamon 

cashew cream

1 part cashews
1 part filtered water
1 date or honey
pinch of salt 
to do...

for crumb and filling
blend dates, walnuts, almonds, salt and cinnamon 
in a food processor, pulse until crumb like

chop peaches into bit sizes chunks

in the food processor pulse one pitted date  

and half a peach, add puree to chopped peaches 

for cashew cream
in a high speed blender blend cashews, water, date and salt until it creates a thick cream. add more water for the right consistency.

in a cup layer peaches and crumb, then top with cashew cream and a pinch of cinnamon. viola, instant classic.